Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The dawn of heavy rains and floods! A season long awaited to overjoy, where children play and learn - they learn the basics of freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Potential Philippine team swimmers.

These are the flooded streets. A place better called - home, where they could freely express their feelings and  sporting the best of their smiles not minding swallowing a half-glass of flood water. Perfect!

This is what makes floods positive. Beautiful smiles of children all around the community.

Do their parents reprimand them from doing so?
It's about time to let their children enjoy and learn. They have been to that situation before. All they do is just sit and reminisce their past while watching the poor little ones' great encounter.

Don't they get sick?
They got too much exposure! No vitamins or supplementals needed. Being malnourished is something what they have in common. It doesn't matter!

What do PUBLIC OFFICIALS say on this?
On going projects for the betterment of the community and its environment to provide the locale's sterling living. Local government units spearheads providing the needs of the people for selected and close families only. Housing projects, food programs, constructions and road widening projects to give the people a better way. 



Smile speaks. Even at the saddest moment, when one shows a smile, it gives a feeling of light!

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