Thursday, July 21, 2011



Philippine Heart Center

On top of the news a better place:
Zaldy Ampatuan was confined at the Philippine heart center due to some heart ailments and tests to his diabetes. A sure way of getting hospital arrest, where some considers inhuman attitude to the murder suspect. Like playing chess, it's just a mind game.

While Zaldy's camp fights the criticism of the accusers together with the majority of the public, he is enjoying the benefits of experiencing the better place for detention - a memorable comfort experience for one to be detained! Thanks to Jokjok Bolante's ways and thinking. Zaldy finds a good heart at the Philippine Heart Center.

On the other hand, Mangudadatu's camp - Ampatuan's victim, calls the attention of the judge-in-charge of the massacre case not to tolerate Ampatuan's amenities. He(Zaldy) should have been arraigned at first before being allowed  to stay in the hospital. Let him suffer what sufferings they have caused to the public. Let him suffer, he should be enjoying life no more. Words that could have been said by Mangudadatu. 

Just as what Zaldy could have in mind: just finding a better place, where a heart could find peace.


West Philippine Sea

On the other side of the better place news:
Five lawmakers visit Spatlys Island, west of the Philippine sea. This visit was set in aide of legislation on stabilizing friendship bonds with foreign countries and additional funding on building ties with China concerning Spratlys from PCSO through Small Town Lottery (STL) projects.

In addition, the delegate's visit was to promote a peaceful advocacy in providing solution to territorial dispute. Such action was done through raising a new Philippine flag on top of a government building while singing our very own national anthem, before the island hopping started. The beaches surrounding the island were amazing - a better place than Boracay, Palawan's and even Bohol's pride.

It was very fruitful, the representatives were well represented. They enjoyed their vacation. They would love to come back to that promising place. No wonder China never stops claiming that better place.


No one would dare to call it a dwelling place if no better place experienced by heart.

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