Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A Philippine government agency that provides help to those who are in-need(literally).

A highly praised institution servicing poor filipinos with their medical and health needs through special programs - providing financial assistance, medical and dental missions and all means of charity work all across the country.

In the latest news: This agency is involved with certain anomalies during the previous administration including special funding for special projects:

And this is what it makes PCSO's special programs 'SPECIAL'
episcopal-service assistance to selected heads of the clergy depending on its political connivance and affiliations.


Paglaki ko, pangarap ko maging obispo ako - gusto kong magka-pajero!
-Batang maralita-


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  2. Thanks BNP for accepting me in this free world of thoughts. It's an honor though to be part of this community.


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