Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The controversial Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office chairman

The only person who felt sorry for herself for accusing the controversially involved bishops having been gifted with LUXURIOUS VEHICLES - mitsubishi pajero in particular using PCSO's fund during the senate blue ribbon committee investigation attended by the prelates. Whereas she was just accused of charging her SANITARY NAPKINS over PCSO's charity budget, by Manoling Morato - the former chairman. what a shame it is, she wanted a large scale misappropriations. - A luxurious experience.

During an interview with the press, Juico personally mentioned the controversy the alleged bishops are involved with - PAJERO/LUXURIOUS VEHICLES funded by the PCSO. In her statement during the session: 'I don't recall saying pajeros. It was, I think, An information that was given to us by one of the managers in the PCSO when they said utility vehicles were given to bishops.' - A short-term memory loss syndrome called - Juico syndrome and blaming it to an anonymous individual. And in the end, apologizing for whatever it may  have caused. - A luxurious apology.

The good side about it is: Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is calling for an investigation concerning the irresponsible acts of insinuations and assumptions putting the bishops in the bad light. - such investigation will definitely fall to the chairman herself.


A song dedicated to margie juico:

O yeah, it's too late to apologize, it too late...
-One Republic-

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