Monday, March 5, 2012



Displaying endearment to welcome new affiliates. It is affection! Like a new born baby in the family, warm and tender welcome cuddles the infant- to which the baby cries. In hazing, multiple warm and tough deathly whips of welcome call - a cry to death.

As a rite of acceptance. In hazing, standards of surfacing microcosm spots in the highlights through the omnipotence of the paddles in every crunchy hit - a sign of unity to which the old members say with sarcasm been there, done that, and a mark of solidarity, their f*cking advocacy - oneness of members

Attachment follows: a dark lilac display of insignia to their integrity, a temporary stain to one's limb. For one accruing much misfortunes in life, spawns the so called necrosis. The epic begins to a novice' life. 

Passing through the tradition. For a certain brotherhood, established customs of hazing can't be omitted. One should experience the same rough road their masters gone through - appropriation of the word even. 

Going through the extreme method of welcoming, a single participant carries a huge amount of strength and courage to face the biggest trial of his life, more than the second coming of the messiah on the judgment day.

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