Monday, February 20, 2012



1. The idea of internet addiction exists, for some researchers they defined it as an excessive and compulsive use of internet. But to the notion whether it is a disorder in a mental state is still in debate. Such argue is getting no sense at all. Who cares? A certain grandma in the above photo utilizes her time surfing the net than doing nothing else at all in her pre-departure state of life

2. For others such behavior is still in debate and currently unacceptable to the society, one researcher who supports this advocacy claimed that the use of internet induces dissociation, time distortion and instant gratification which impacts the users. In addition, he claimed that like sex, gaming, gambling and shopping online the use of internet produces a mood-altering effect. Take that from grandma in the photo, she's just trying to alter her mood.

3. Taking a wide look of its technology and modern use, internet as a means of getting information, faster communication and facile data transfer provides comfort to the users. No wonder a grandma catches her hang ups at her old age. Who dares to question it as addiction?

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