Saturday, September 24, 2011



On Shalani Soledad:

1. PNOY: Why did you oppose my right?
SHALANI: What are talking about?
PNOY: Because you left me!

2. SHALANI: Have I been a heated frying pan to you?
PNOY: Why you say so?
SHALANI: Because I think I hurt you!

3. PNOY: Are you playing basketball now?
SHALANI: How come did you say that?
PNOY: You're so fast in rebounding!

4. SHALANI: I've heard you were paralyzed! How true was it?
PNOY: What?
SHALANI: Because you can't move on!

5. PNOY: I know everything's on top for us right now.
SHALANI: What do you mean?
PNOY: We're over!

6. PNOY: I just realized we are both A.
SHALANI: Do you mean - alright?
PNOY: Nope. We're not meant to BE!

On Shamcey Supsup:

7. PNOY: Never had I thought you're like a fried chicken 'til I met you.
SHAMCEY: Why did you say so?
PNOY: You're so yummy Shamcey!

8. PNOY: Even though you're an architect, you can still be my cardiologist.
PNOY: I want you to take good care of my heart!

9. PNOY: I would rather want you to call me prince instead of Mr. President.
SHAMCEY: Why is it?
PNOY: So that I can call you my princess.

10. PNOY: Though it's our first time to see each other, i think you're a good dictionary.
SHAMCEY: What's the sense of that?
PNOY: Simply I found a meaning in you!

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