Sunday, February 21, 2016


boxing global icon and politician manny pacquiao issued controversial statement on alleged degradation of lgbt practices and beliefs over same sex marriage attributing the deed as worse than animals resulting to members' overreaction and clamor for foul - kabayo at pagong (hosres and turtles) referring to popular stand up comedian vice ganda and veteran showbusiness host boy abunda respectively. 

overreactionists liberals, animals for that matter - kabayo and pagong instantly released response to the unwanted statement their conviction not to support the ever popular athlete on his campaign for the senate from which nobody dared to care.

popular athletic brand however dumped it's promotional contract with the saranggani pride contradicting it's famous tagline 'just do it' because the two time congressman did it (expression of religious and moral views). with the former's stand on 'just do it' they did it.

SSM advocates, believers, supporters and even anti-believers sauted on the hyped issue through their unsolicited opinions via social media creating entertainment across all ages over the philippine archipelago and overseas giving pacman both advantages and disadvantages towards his political aspirations in the senatorial bid without consideration on the third party's innocence - mga hayop.

on the other hand, mga hayop expressed their disappointment over social media on human's animalistic approach regarding the issue intricating their being. comparison and the heated argumentation of both parties on the instant trending issue concludes that they're worse than animal's state of being.

idiot's note: popularity is antagonism of popularity.   bigotry is something we don't know, it sounds like bigote, hehe

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