Wednesday, August 5, 2015


the philippine dirty politics
at some point in history, philippine politics is known for its dirty practices where one (politician) gambles his/her life and his/her family's peaceful living. now, facing the advancement of technology philippine politics creates its own identity not just merely dirty, but in all its nature silly.
at the moment, politics is designed to battle fear of every individuality. security of delight and ecstasy by mere genuine and brilliant imagination of great individuals' optimism contributing the spread of light in one's distress - see photo above.
kokey, in its extrinsic being possessed a good manner character delighted the viewers back in the day attributed to the most unwanted personality in the world of philippine politics or maybe otherwise. the question lies, who is who? which is which?  to make a little more sense, attribution of the good with the bad!
more than its hilarious advocacy, positive attribution factors the credulity of the other. the good over the evil, in other words the lesser evil takes the way over the latter. where dirty politics creates its way, atop is funny politics as its philosophy.

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