Sunday, August 14, 2011



1. They want to die with noble death! Hello, cancer yan - sakit ng mga sosyal at mayayamang tao. Damn, they don't want to die because of hunger. Kahit walang mabiling pagkain basta't may yosi lang. Sulit na ang araw.

2. Smoking rocks and roll. That's the co-substance of one's soul - rockers rule! Punks not dead. Once you puff, you will puff all the time. Rock rulez! Astig to mga pare! Isang sindi pa nga!

3. It has been a constant companion of someone who always stays alone. It's more than the love of their life. Without it they will die - Hanep ang lalim! - with it their lives are led to the so-called death. They do prefer death than dying. 

4. Others do find it as their refuge. Wow, problemado? Definitely smoking will never ever leave them, it happens otherwise. Like the statement above, its the best of their best friends. They can laugh with! They cry alone with it! They drink and get drunk with it. They fart with it. They drink coffee with it. The light and the smokes are hell yeah the only things that understand them.

What's the danger of it?
5. It's not the dying part as a consequence. But the possibility of choosing cigarette-smoking over your wife or your husband.

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