Thursday, August 18, 2011


A kalesa fronting sunset view of Manila bay. A memorabilia of the Spanish conquest in the Philippines. The mode of transportation of nobles and high-ranked officials in those times. But now for poor people trying to earn for living just to excite tourists.

And you will find it in Manila. 
They call this place a haven. Why? Bakit nga ba?

1. Incomparable to the streets of San Francisco, rides of Disneyland and even to the girls you could have dated in Sydney. Simply, those places are clean and fun, too far from Manila. Here you'll aquire asthma, skin rushes,  allergies and you tremble while walking along the streets of Manila.

A place they keep on coming back. Wow Philippines! Pilipinas kay ganda! There's no place like Manila. 
2. So true, please refer to the statement above. 

People love Manila. 
3. Kobe Bryant loves Manila, he loves the people in Manila at least. Though most people hate the Lakers.

4. Paris Hilton just recently arrived and even planned her next visit to this place even though she hasn't left yet and lost her personal gadgets. Hindi pa siguro nadala. Maybe on her third or fourth visit she'll realize it

There are those who hate!
5. Poor and unlucky are those Chinese tourists from Hong Kong, they're are innocents and victims of one individual's insanity and a flanking performances of rescuers, men in power so to speak. Bet, the survivors keep cursing Manila and those in authority.

The capital factor. 
6. Yes! It capitalizes prostitution, it's getting hotter in here. 

7. Growing molestation cases, the least thing they could do when they feel hot and they don't want to do all alone by themselves. 

8. Drug addiction and supplication, it has become a fad. You're not in, if you're not into it.

9. Hold-upping and car-napping, the second largest business after BPO industries. Easy money!

But, Why do the people keep on staying in Manila? 
10. A mild music to their ears - ang ingay sa kalye at kapitbahay.

11. Nag-gagandahang mga babae! No wonder lesbianism is getting larger in number and prostitution is getting rampant either

12. Inspired by the movie Slum Dog Millionaire, they're risking life staying in slum areas. That's how some people think, they always connect their miserable lives to those who have gone through it.

13. Nagliliparang mga jeepney, pati mga bus na din. Top daily news maker if not for road crashes and mishaps, killings along the hi-way. Well commended drivers! Go to hell!


The place where you started your little steps was your foreground to the larger ones.

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