Friday, July 20, 2012


The truth about opulence and comfort.

In its abundance, life's comfort is hard to let go. True. It's like vanity playing the role of a devil's advicate saying hi to everybody.

A very honest answer to a serious question, man would rather choose comfort over his gaga wife. Very true. Again, vanity surfaces with a round of applause.

The indulgence and bliss that it brings, favors the person's idleness to its comfort, where no one can manage and command his reign as the baron of his solitude. Now vanity and sloth applaud the greatness of their subject, a kudos to their king.

In like manner, sloth takes place without any doubt surpasses the beauty of comfort to which a man settles and live. Hayahay, ang sarap ng buhay. buhay tamad!


Will you choose misery over bliss?

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